Solar Water Heater

With the inclining cost and conjecture of electricity in the contemporary energy scenario. Solar Water Heater comes as a robust solution to heating water .

We believe in bringing the benefits of renewable energy with the latest technology to the consumers. The remarkable technology taps the unlimited power of the Sun to give out colossal savings year after year.

The globally recognized technology is paramount to wonted systems in performance, reliability and ease of installation.


Solar Water Heater (SWH) are classified into two categories:

  1. Pressurized Solar Water Heater.
  2. Non Pressurized Solar Water Heater.

We are well equipped EPC company of Pressurized and Non Pressurized Solar Water Heaters. Owing to the unparalleled attributes of performance, quality, durability and long service life our Solar Water Heaters are extensively used to heat water for industries and domestic purposes.

Superior installation:

When compared with the flat plate technology. The vacuum between the two glass tubes provides resistance to heat loss via conduction and convection, even under extreme environmental conditions like cold and wind.

Higher Conversion Threshold:

Due to the cylindrical shape of the tubes, they passively track the sun throughout the day. At any given time, the sun’s rays are perpendicular to the tube.

Higher Efficiency:

Vacuum helps achieve extremely high temperatures, which makes it appropriate for commercial and industrial uses.

No Scaling:

There is no scaling of glass tubes so high efficiency is maintained.

Easier Service And Installation:

Since evacuated tubes are installed via dry connections, any tube can be replaced without shutting the system.