Telecom Solar Solutions

Solar is becoming a fast turnkey solution for powering the telecom industry.

Solar system for tele-communication is an effective tool where conventional electricity is un-available, impractical and also be used to reduce DG cost and have a faithful back up system.

RTU, microwave repeaters, television and radio repeater sites are commonly located on mountaintops or otherwise remote sites which are not easily accessible. Hence power support through the Solar becomes the optimum solution for such sites.

Appreciation Of Solar:

The power of sun is unlimited and we want everyone to understand it’s working, so theycan also reap the benefits of Renewable Solar Energy.

How Solar Energy Works

Photo-Voltaic actually means “ Light” and “Electric” . Photovoltaic technologies are used to generate solar electricity by using solar cells packaged in photovoltaic modules. The imperative component of a PV Cell is the layer of Semi-Conductors. With Sun light the electrons in the PV Cell get stimulated that results in generation of an Electric Voltage and Current. Acutely thin wires running through the top layer of PV Cell carry these Electrons to an Electric Circuit. Photo Voltaic Module is made up of an assembly of Photo Voltaic Cells wired in Series to produce desired amount of Voltage and Current. The PV Cells are encapsulated within glass or plastic to provide protection from the weather. Photovoltaic modules are connected together to form an array. The array is connected to an inverter which converts the Direct Current (DC) of the PV modules to Alternating Current (AC).


A Venue at Aurarays:

We are an EPC(Engineering, Procurement, Commencing) Company in simpler text we are not manufacturer of any Photo Voltaic Technology. We simply hand pick the best technologies available and assemble them to provide you the optimum result. We tailor make our systems to meet our customers’ financial, power production and facility needs. We are Sui Generis because we are Result Determined and Apparatus Neutral. At Aurarays get the PERFECT turn-key Solar Solution.