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Shopping Complex

Shopping complexes are the new playgrounds of the modern society, destined not only for shopping but also for leisure, eating out and other activities. Bubbling with life these malls consume massive electricity day after day. Unlike offices the malls are open late till midnight, reinforcing the need for solar electricity plants which would cut down the power bills immensely. Considering if even 15-20% of the total power consumption is catered through Solar power plants in any shopping mall the cost of installation can be easily retrieved in few years. The vacant roof tops can be easily used for solar panels thus making the malls eco friendly by reducing the use of gensets for backup and also lessening the dependence on power supply.


Hospitals give life and bestow energy to mankind afflicted with ailments. However, inadvertently they also contribute to illness and pollution by exposing patients and staff to a brew of toxins from building materials, medical waste, hospital supplies and cleaning products. Nevertheless the health industry has awakened to the Green movement and the hospitals are progressively getting involved in implementation of efficient energy conservation and recycling of the medical by products.

In the process they are warming up to the concept of solar power generation to minimize relying on backup power sources and also the conventional sources of energy. Installing solar plants give desired self-sufficiency, reduce power consumption and also augment the brand image of the hospitals portraying them as eco-friendly spaces. So now the hospitals contribute not only to the physical well being of humans but also to the welfare of the environment they live into. Perfect Aurarys has successfully executed solar panels installation projects in various hospitals and health centres which have drastically helped in reducing the per unit price of electricity for them.


Hotel sector is highly energy intensive; using substantial amounts of energy, almost 50% additional energy than a similar sized residential building despite having lower occupancy rates on an average. Unlike any other commercial or industrial setup hotels are distinctive since they cater their clients 24/7 in the property and no part of the guest experience can be compromised. The demand for solar energy has risen significantly in hotel industry in past few years because of its high power consumption. Lately consumers also are opting for more eco-friendly holiday destinations for vacations, hence the tourism industry is responding with energy efficient and carbon friendly resorts and hotels. Solar power generation also helps in cutting the fixed costs for the hotels while making them more environment friendly. Being eco friendly not only adds to the class and genre of the hotel but also makes them self reliant for power increasing profitability thereafter.

Educational Institutes

Schools ,colleges and universities not only impart education but also imbibe values, set ideals and instill thought process in the formative years of any individual. This is the period when the indispensable trait of energy conservation should be infused into human beings and what better way than to do it through practicing energy conservation by using solar power generation.

Educational institutes mostly run in daytime, making solar power solutions ideal for them. School & colleges have ample spaces as well thus installation of solar panels of any scale is not difficult. Reasonably priced solar PV plants lead to enormous savings on energy bills which can be utilized for other welfare and infrastructural activities. Grid connected solar plants can be of immense value in educational institutes for cost effectiveness and also to set up the right example for the students for adopting an eco-friendly approach towards power consumption.

Petrol Pump

India has more than 50,000 petrol pumps spread across the geography. Most of these petrol pumps run till midnight starting in the early morning hours and a major chunk operates 24/7 depending on the location. The high power consumption day and night requires a power management system which is swift and smooth. Solar power plants in petrol pumps add immense value in the glitch free operation of the petrol dispensers. Irregular power supplies can lead to interruptions in dispensing petrol which can lead to loss of time of the consumers as well.

For petrol pumps located on highways and distant rural areas electricity generation through solar power plant makes them grid independent and save cost by less use of other backup sources like DG gensets which provide comparatively expensive electricity per unit. Owing to these benefits IOCL & BPCL are aggressively encouraging its petrol pump owners to switch to solar systems in India.

Perfect Aurarays excels in designing intelligent solar power management systems that operate and store electricity for operating the electrical appliances ,Fuel dispensing Units, Canopy Lights, Yard lights, Office lights and fans, Air filling machine etc. through-out day and night. These systems are robustly developed to provide power without fluctuation. Multiple fuel guns are supported with solar power and can switch automatically between the grid causing no harm no harm to the clients or to the machine. The energy is reliable and operates the dispensing units during the load shedding hours.